Thursday, November 3, 2011

South Shore Passenger Shelter Papercraft Mock-up

Download a pdf of this cut-n-fold
flagstop passenger shelter
When I'm away from the layout because of travel, I sometimes bring the model railroading with me.

My latest away projects have been focused on my mock-up strategy of making low-cost, low-fi, and quick representations of structures and scenic features for the Dunes Junction layout.

I recently finished laying out an HO papercraft model of a South Shore flagstop passenger shelter using Adobe PhotoShop.  My starting point for the project was a drawing from the June 1981 Railroad Model Craftsman, which I scanned, redrew, and colored.

Click here and then click File>Download Original to download this pdf and print it at 100% for a cut-n-fold papercraft flagstop passenger shelter of your own in O, S, HO, or N scale.

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