Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quick Snaps of Road and Tree Line Mockup

Here are my latest bits of mock-uppery. The forest is a photo of a treeline near Ocean Pines, MD, and the road a stock road texture photo. The South Shore flag stop passenger shelter began with a drawings from the June 1981 Railroad Model Craftsman, which I extensively Photoshopped into a cut-and-fold papercraft model. (Look for a future post with a download of the graphic).

South Shore #802 with a very short NIPSCO (NORX) unit train crossing Mineral Springs Road at Dunes Junction
I printed it all on stiff matt photo paper with my trusty free-after-rebate Canon IP1600 inkjet printer, The tree photos are stuck to poster board with rubber cement--cheap model railroad fun with stuff from an office supply store.

Unpainted Nickel Plate Products South Shore combine #100 at the mock-up Dunes Junction flag stop.
Dig those seventies-era cars!

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