Tuesday, October 25, 2011

UPDATED: UK Electric Models With A Little Extra Spark

Feast your eyes on this YouTube video of UK heavy electric models dashing across some of those display modules of which our transatlantic modeling colleagues make such good use.  The modeler, Dave of Westcoast Miniatures, is using fixed-height pantographs that don't contact the catenary wire.

But that arcing effect is awesome, awesome, awesome, and brings the drama and excitement of electric railroading to life.

UPDATE: Don Silberbauer of Model Memories tipped me to this product from Germany, the 'Pantographen-Blitzer' ('pantograph flasher') offered by Viessmann Modellspielwaren.  Not sure if this circuit is intended to work with DCC or straight DC, but I suspect that this manufacturer has set it up so it works with either.  Euro Model Trains and a few other outlets here in the US might be good sources for this product.

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