Thursday, November 17, 2011

Roughing in styrofoam scenery

Looking to the west. Track is masked to keep glue and styrofoam chips away.
With the overpass done, I've masked off the track and started roughing in scenery.  Various chunks of styrofoam have been shaped and carved with a Woodland Scenics hot wire foam cutter.  I used the DAP clear glue (leftover from track work) to attach it to the layout.

The green foam came from a local craft store; it's neither beadboard nor extruded foam.  If I were building a larger layout I certainly wouldn't use it--that pink extruded stuff is much easier to work with, and cheaper. But the green block was the right amount of material at the right price.

Mineral Springs Road and the Dunes Junction flagstop foundations are cut from Woodland Scenics 1/4" styrofoam sheet.  The mockups provided the measurements.

Mineral Springs Road and Dunes Junction flagstop. There's a little hump
an inch or so before the backdrop.

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