Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Progress on the Highway Overpass

The overpass model in progress next to the mock-up.  Railings/jersey barriers are in front of the model--they will be
attached after painting.
One-lane highway overpass deck under
construction, top view. Top surface
is roadway material from the Rix
highway overpass kit.
More progress on the overpass at the west end of Dunes Junction. I used a Rix modern highway overpass kit and various Plastruct and Evergreen styrene stock and shapes, plus some other oddments from my vast collection of hardware. Heavy, durable construction is the objective. I used Tenax styrene cement and Super Jet extensively. To fill cracks and seams, I used Super Jet with accelerator, which is fast--no waiting for putty to dry, and it doesn't shrink as much over time.
Overpass deck, bottom view.  Plastruct 3/8" channels with Evergreen .080"
and .25"x.25" stryrene bracing. Sturdy! GRRR!
Abutment with alignment hole,

That's a finishing nail glued into a hole to align
with  abutment.
Pier bearing detail (Evergreen
.040"x.060" strip) and align-
ment peg sunk into the
.25"x.25" bar stock.
The peg is a piece of big
ol' paper clip.

Pier mounted to a rectangle of .040"
styrene. The top horizontal member
has been shortened and plugged with sheet
styrene. Note hole on top for alignment peg.

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