Friday, November 11, 2011

Road Crossing and Flagstop Placement Options

With the highway overpass nearing completion, I'm thinking about scenery at the other end of the layout, where the Dunes Junction flag stop will be placed at the Mineral Springs Road crossing.

Previously, my mockups had Mineral Springs Road crossing the main at a right angle, but I wanted to have a look at how a more oblique crossing might look.
Mineral Springs Road with a 90-degree crossing of the main line.  The
Dunes Junction flag stop is behind the Little Joe.
The highway overpass crosses the tracks at a 90-degree angle, so I thought I would try for some visual variety with a slanted or oblique crossing. Because I could easily print and cut more road and parking lot elements, I tried variations on the oblique crossing concept before committing to actual scenery.
The road crossing from left in the foreground to right in the back-
ground. Note the mocked-up parking lot.

Another view of the road oriented toward the right.
I preferred the road that slants to the left.  I think it will let me fill the right edge of the layout with a treeline to distract from the dropoff.

The leftward slanted road appealed more to my eye. That area behind and to the right of the flagstop parking lot
will have a treeline and and a modest rise to help disguise the edge of the layout.

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