Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Smelling That Ozone-y Heavy Electric Railroad Smell on the Northeast Corridor

Northbound Toaster goin' fast at Odenton.
My photography project this year has been to home in on electric railroad operations on the Northeast Corridor.  There's lots of exciting stuff to see during this time of transition. AEM-7 'Toasters' and HHP-7s are on the way out, shiny new ACS-64s are on the way in, and the Acela just keeps on keepin' on.  Plus there's MARC commuter traffic.

Photographing the Northeast Corridor is a challenge.  The trains are fast and really, really quiet. As in rarely do they ever sound a horn to let you know they are near, thanks to grade separation and local noise ordinances.  My leisurely rustbelt railfanning senses, geared to grade crossing gongs, long pulls on horns, clackety track, low speeds, and jarringly loud diesel blocks, proved inadequate for my first few outings around the Corridor. 

But I've gotten better! That ozone-y burnt electric smell keeps pulling me back to the tracks. Here are some keeper images from Odenton, Maryland on the Northeast Corridor over the past couple of weeks.

Blinkin' ditch lights and looking like it just came out of an Ikea catalog, a southbound ACS-64 goin' fast at Odenton.

Keeping with the theme, Acela goin' fast (and North) 

North- and southbound MARC commuter trains running late on a weeknight stop to pose for a meet at Odenton.

HHP-7 also goin' fast.

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