Monday, July 14, 2014

IMW South Shore/NICTD Nippon Sharyo Drive Complete and Lookin' Official

The Island Model Works Nippon Sharyo South Shore/NICTD drive more or less complete. The IMW sideframes were sawed off their bolsters and carefully thinned with a mill file. Meanwhile, the Walthers Proto 1000 RDC plastic sideframes were trimmed down to the metal skeletons that serve as bearings and electrical pickups, and the remaining plastic also thinned down to 1 mm/.040" or so with files and sanding boards. The outer IMW and inner RDC sideframes were epoxied together, taking care to ensure perfect alignment.  1/4" x 3/4" basswood topped with a piece of K&S 3/32" brass channel support the lighting LEDs. Barely visible are holes to accept 2-56 mounting screws for mounting the body shell. A coat of Tamiya German Gray spray paint (fine texture but good old solvent based, easy to find in hobby shops) on the chassis, light supports, motor saddle, and sideframes make it look official.

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