Monday, September 7, 2015

Sighted During a DC Brewery Hike: Amtrak's Ivy City Facility

My wife Rachel and set out on a little urban hike in Washington DC's Ivy City neighborhood to find craft beer and fancy food. Our route took us on an overpass spanning Amtrak's Ivy City facility. Here are two Acelas warming up for runs up the Northeast Corridor later in the afternoon.
The whole facility, early in the afternoon. By late afternoon, this staging yard was full of Acelas as well as other trains destined for the NEC and points west.

A switcher pushes Amfleet cars into the shops while Acelas await their runs north.

More of the staging yard. Note the Superliner cars between the two Acelas on the right.

Another view of the staging yard.

Northbound Acela on the main line passes the Ivy City facility.

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