Saturday, August 15, 2015

More Reporting From the Road, Including Photographic Evidence

My road warrior summer continues, and I've been all over the south east with my new work responsibilities.

But still, the trains, I cross paths with them.  I even found some energized overhead wire! Woo hoo!
Yours truly at Railroad Park in Birmingham, Alabama, photo courtesy of my wife. Birmingham has become my alternate base of operations.

Meet in front of the tower near Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham. This is truly a 'hot spot', with many trains from Norfolk Southern, CSX, and Kansas City Southern moving through.

The Sloss Furnaces visitor center is nestled in the actual junction trackage. Here's a view to east/south east . . . 

. . . and a view west as the junction track curves to the north

Outside of Sloss Furnaces also looking west.

If there is energized wire, I will find it or it will find me. Was doing executive nonsense in the executive lounge of the Hilton in Charlotte, North Carolina, when I looked up and caught this view of the light rail.

More of the Charlotte city vista, with another light rail train passing through.

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