Monday, January 2, 2012

Sneak Peek: South Shore Catenary Span Bridge by Model Memories Catenary

Test shot of South Shore catenary span bridge made by
Model Memories. Photo by Don Silberbauer. 
Coming up at Up Dunes Junction: catenary construction featuring components from Model Memories, North America's premier supplier of prototypical mainline catenary products in HO and O.

Don Silberbauer, the big boss at Model Memories, and I have been emailing and calling back and forth about pantographs, custom South Shore catenary bridges, and the state of the world for a few months now.  Based on our exchanges, Don crafted this span bridge, which will serve as a test shot for a few more that MM will make for me.

The real thing will be mailed to me this week--this photo has me very, very excited for Dunes Junction.  Few things say 'South Shore' like a lattice span between two poles, and Don's awesome work will make Dunes Junction look like the South Shore.


  1. Yes, Yes, Yes! Will this actually happen? I have a consist of four NKP CSS&SB MU cars ready to roll under some authentic looking catenary bridges.

    1. Craig, yes, this South Shore layout complete with catenary is moving forward!

      My big push over the past few months has been to get scenery and track into some state of completion so I can focus on catenary construction. Don Silberbauer at Model Memories has delivered a number of these span bridges to me, along with wire and other necessary doodads.

      I know these NPP cars well (own a couple--bought one with my life savings when I was in middle school!) and future posts will cover re-motoring, DCC installation, pantographs, and paint. Wondering if you've had any experience with models of the modern stainless steel cars. NPP produced a very short run of them, and there have been resin versions on offer over the past few years.

      Anyways, we probably have a lot to discuss, so feel free to contact me off line!