Monday, January 9, 2012

Scenery Progress Odds and Ends

The holidays are passed and progress at Dunes Junction continues. The past few weeks have seen construction of trees (of all sizes), a start on the Mineral Springs Road grade crossing, and a preview of catenary span bridges to come.

First, a preview of the reason for all this rush to get in scenery: catenary! Dunes Junction will eventually be under a web of wire, which will make scenery construction very difficult. A test-shot catenary span bridge hand-made by Oberleitungsbaumeister Don Silberbauer of Model Memories arrived this week, and I've had loads of fun posing it around Dunes Junction. With clothes pins holding up the poles, it sits a little high, but Don did an outstanding job of getting the lines and proportions absolutely perfect.
Model Memories South Shore catenary span bridge. Excellent capture of the proportions and shapes of the proto-
type by Oberleitungsbaumeister ('Catenary Construction Master') Don Silberbauer.

SuperSage and SuperTrees in progress.
The smaller SuperTrees have been dipped in
matte medium and are drying.
Assembly of ScenicExpress' large 'SuperSage' trees commenced a couple of weeks ago; I've since obtained a box ScenicExpress 'SuperTree' material. By 'SuperTree' material, I mean magical dried weeds from the great north beyond the wall.  These will make up the bulk of medium and small trees in front of the backdrop. The SuperSage trees are so large, I'm afraid they may visually overwhelm--stay tuned for some experimental placements.
SuperSage trees in progress.  Building these
takes time and patience

Blair Lines laser cut wood crossing test fit into position.
Blair Line laser cut wood crossings have been prepped and stained.  Several coats of A-West Weather-It gave the crossings a weathered, stained look.  Once these are fixed into place and the adjacent track is ballasted,  Mineral Springs Road will go in.

Stay tuned for more progress!