Friday, February 10, 2017

Industrial Scale Man Crafts, AKA Tree Making

Even a relatively small layout portraying the Northeast like the Old Line Corridor requires a lot of trees. Fortunately, I really enjoy making them! Here's 80 or so SuperTree armatures drying; they've been soaked in matte medium and spray painted with Montana Gold 'Dark Manila', a washed out, muddy gray brown color. Paging Chris Mears of the Prince Street blog: note the use of recycled craft beer packaging is here, in this instance a couple of empty Southern Tier Choklat four-packs. (Awesome chocolate stout, well balanced bitter chocolate flavor set off by high gravity flavor)

A batch of 60 or so cheap Ebay trees and Woodland Scenics plastic armature trees already planted as a background treeline. I used Kathy Millatt's cheap Ebay tree improvement techniques to pretty up these wire-armature trees. I made a package of the Woodland Scenics plastic armature trees and found them confounding to make as well as too coarse to place next to delicate-looking SuperTrees.

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