Sunday, March 1, 2015

Posing Under the Completed Catenary at Dunes Junction

Just as catenary was reaching completion, this rare custom painted Nickel Plate Products Sumitomo car joined the Dune Junction roster. It was barely out of the box when I staged this photo, which folks on the Facebook "Traction Model Railroading" and "Chicago, South Shore, and South Bend: the Last Interurban" communities enjoyed. Several Facebook users immediately identified the location as Dune Acres, Indiana--a gratifying modeling moment.

Not sure if a meet like this ever took place, as the 800s (Little Joes) were pretty much focused on switching East Chicago and Gary industries like Harbison Walker Refractory when stainless steel Sumitomo cars took over in the early 80s. Road freight duties east of Gary were in the hands of GP38-2s and GP7s. But I thought it would make a good image anyways. 

Another view of the all-electric meet, with a good view of the crossover catenary--my own little web of complicated wire.  The front of layout looks frightful--these photos might cause me to get some fascia in place sooner rather than later. 

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