Saturday, June 28, 2014

Up Dunes Junction is Back from Hiatus

Where I was for a chunk of the past
year: San Francisco. Milano streetcar on
the fabled F-Line
Hey loyal Up Dunes Junction readers, we're back after nearly a year on the road with new work and family responsibilities. An exciting new work opportunity has put me back out on the road again--check out some snapshots from my travels.

Look forward to semi-regular posting again. Some upcoming topics include:
  • Ongoing build of the Island Model Works NICTD/South Shore Nippon Sharyo coach. Parts cleanup is more or less complete, and now solving and testing engineering (drive, lighting, DCC) problems
  • Solving engineering problems on 70s-vintage brass South Shore models
  • Mom's old school bus in HO, including correct markings (maybe I should form a Yahoo HO school bus modeling forum)
  • Other Northern Indiana/Calumet Region rolling stock projects
  • Northeast Corridor rolling stock
Also will be fixin' up the blog. Layout changes and repairs to broken photo links in old posts are coming.

Meanwhile, welcome back and have a look at some photos of electric railroads from my travels.

Shades of Roger Rabbit: Pacific Electric PCC 'Red Car' at the SF Ferry Terminal.

San Francisco Muni Breda car at the UN-Civic Center underground station

One of the oldest F-Line cars in regular service, a possibly century-old Jewett car near the Mission
AEM-7 'Toaster' passing by Martin State Airport, Maryland 

Acela at Baltimore Washington International Airport (a now frequent haunt of mine)
Another Toaster-led Regional Service zooming toward Baltimore at Martin State Airport.