Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Northwest Indiana Trains in the New York Times

Indiana Harbor Belt's Gibson Yard in Hammond, IN in National News.  The South Shore is a mile or two north of this
spot.  Purdue Calumet, my alma mater, is a few miles south. Memories! | Nathan Weber for The New York Times
Trains of northwest Indiana are in the news again, this time in a New York Times article on the project to improve rail connections and grade crossings around Chicago. The photo above appeared in all its glory at the top of the web version of the story. That is Indiana Harbor Belt's Gibson yard in Hammond, Indiana--my old stompin' grounds. Drove across that bridge hundreds of times on my way back and forth to classes at Purdue Calumet.  If I weren't a South Shore modeler, I'd think really hard about an IHB layout--lots of good small layout possibilities, not to mention a roster of small-radius friendly SWs and GPs.

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  1. It was modelling the IHB, as a NYC fan, that got me into the South Shore and traction modelling in the first place, and my current North Shore layout.