Monday, March 5, 2012

More Mineral Springs Road Progress

The past month or so has been quite busy with the tax man, work travel and projects, and visits to far-flung offspring, slowing progress at Dunes Junction. With the focus on major scenery in preparation for catenary construction, Mineral Springs Road work continues. The plan is to use another Frary & Hayden scenery technique: adding pavement texture and color to sheet styrene. Here  we are fitting the styrene to the terrain and Blair Line wood grade crossings. Look for a future post with texture and color.
Test-fitting the base of Mineral Springs Road. The long stretches are
.020"Evergreen styrene.  The short bits between the parallel crossings
are .060"styrene. That's a wet-or-dry coarse emery board from a
beauty supply store.
Additional .020" strips  lift the
.020" road base flush with the
Blair Line crossing.
Pushpins and various culinary doodads holding the road base down
while clear Liquid Nails for Projects sets. Salsa and hot sauce jars
were handy, so I used 'em. A bamboo skewer and pushpins hold
the backdrop end of road down while the Liquid Nails sets. 

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