Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scott Kremer's Great Northern Electrics in HO

Trainlife.com's magazine section is lots of fun--kind of like discovering there's several decade's worth of model train magazines in your closet. Archives of several non-Kalmbach/non-Carstens magazines have ended up on Trainlife.com, such as Railmodel Journal, Model Railroading, and Prototype Modeler. And it's all there for free, as part of the Trainlife.com community,

Great Northern Z-1 i in the snow on Scott Kremer's HO GN layout.
Photo by Robert Schleicher/Railmodel Journal, courtesy Trainlife.com
One treasure I recently unearthed on Trainlife.com appeared in the December 2006 Railmodel Journal.  Scott Kremer's Great Northern layout features GN electrics under catenary in the snow! Like the mystery Milwaukee Road layout, steam and diesel roam the layout as well.  The photos show Z-1 and Y-1 electrics--wonder if Scott ever ran a B-D+D-B W-1 on his layout.  W-1s were later reincarnated as monstrous UP coal turbines

Click through and enjoy!


  1. Fantastic photo. Where could I obtain more photos of the layout ?? Guillermo from the Patagonia Argentina

  2. Guillermo-- I have updated the post with links to the original article on trainlife.com. Here it is: http://trainlife.com/magazines/pages/48/3423/december-2006-page-27