Sunday, May 1, 2011

Track Reconstruction Progress

Track has been going back in a steady pace.  The Peco US-style Code 83 #8 turnouts are spiked down; the flex track has been glued down with DAP clear latex.

I have yet to solder any rail joints or feeders. I will do that after turnout control (my least favorite bit of model railroading--more on that in an upcoming post) has been completely and utterly tested and finalized.  I am wary of having to unspike and unseat those turnouts as I sort out mounting and adjusting some new-fangled mechanical turnout controls.

Testing of the track's electrical quality has been good. That yellow flashlight in the photos is an electrician's circuit testing flashlight that I've had for over 20 years--it's a souvenir of my short-lived stint as an apprentice electrician back in Northwest Indiana right after the Army.

On my tiny layout, it's quick and easy to use the leads from that electrician's flashlight to ensure that there are no shorts and that conductivity is good.  I couldn't help using some actual trains and alllgator clips to test the trackwork as well, which went swimmingly. Once permanent feeders are installed, I will post video of the first 'official' run.