Saturday, February 19, 2011

Go Listen to the Model Railway Show! Now!

I love radio--think those 'Car Talk' guys and old-time radio plays--and it's because the radio was my only friend during all those years of commuting in Washington, DC. I also love the trains.

So I've always thought, 'Wouldn't it be great if there was a good radio show that covered the model railroading beat?'

The new Model Railway Show podcast ain't on the radio--but it sure sounds like it could be. If the voices of host Jim Martin and Trevor Marshall sound like professional radio dudes, that's because they are--both are veterans of Canadian radio.  I'm sure their experience in the studio has a lot to with the overall professional sound of the production.

But Jim and Trevor just don't sound good--this is real model railroad journalism, with big name (model railroad) guests, like Model Railroad Planning editor Tony Koester and shelf railroad guru Lance Mindheim. The guest interviews are focused and quickly paced.

My only complaint: not enough back episodes! I've listened to every edition of the Model Railway show and enjoyed them all.  I look forward to hearing Jim and Trevor's next show.

The Model Railway Show