Thursday, January 29, 2015

Go Look at Video of a Rarely Modeled Utah Copper Steeple Cab in HO

Tim Schwartz built this HO model of a rarely-modeled 85-ton copper-hauling GE steeple cab using 3D printing techniques. The steeple cab gets a workout with side-dump ore cars in this video. Tim's modeling can be seen on his blog on the Model Railroad Hobbyist web site, and he has made print-on-demand parts for the model available for purchase via the Shapeways 3D printing service. The ability to share a lone modeler's labor of love with lots of other model railroaders? Call that a welcome side-benefit of 21st century craftsmanship.

These locomotives were a staple of a forgotten, or at least especially neglected, category of North American electric railroads. The electric lines that serviced the gigantic copper pits of Utah operated into the eighties with a fleet of brawny GE steeple cabs. A few examples survive in museums and as monuments.