Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ken Lawrence's Westchester Northern Updated

Ken Lawrence via Railroad Model
Craftsman / Hat tip to Otto Vondrak
Work has had me traveling across the country over the past couple of weeks, but thanks to resources like the Traction Model Railroading group on Facebook, I can still get some heavy electric modeling inspiration.

Otto Vondrak, Traction Model Railroading group frequent contributor and friend of heavy electric model railroading, posted his Railroad Model Craftsman article on Ken Lawrence's Westchester Northern. We posted a couple of years ago on an earlier iteration of Ken's Westchester Northern that had catenary and a freelanced New Haven flavor.

Now Ken has updated the Westchester Northern to more accurately model the New York Central's electric line, which is still in operation under the MTA/Metro North banner. That means the catenary has come down in favor of third rail. Ken deserves praise for modeling this important but often forgotten bit of electrified American railroading.

Just this once, it's okay that the catenary came down . . .

Railroad Model Craftsman - Electric Commuter Action on the Westchester Northern

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