Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Own Awful Truth: Temporary Markings for the Geep

Doesn't it look awesome? Now I have a reminder of its DCC address. It will also shame me into getting this project done.
I didn't come up with this myself--that wiseacre Joe Fugate guy at Model Railroad Hobbyist wrote in his May 2012 "Reverse Running: The Awful Truth" column about how he used yellow sticky notes to temporarily re-number some out-of-the-box diesels. I needed to do this so I could have a visual reminder of the number I programmed into its DCC decoder--it's the number that I will eventually apply.

While I gleaned a marvelous modeling tip from Joe's column, he was actually telling a story about how people who build layouts don't have time to finish fancy locomotive projects. But I'll take a good modeling tip wherever I can find one.